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Nice Things People Say About Us


I found Ben at the perfect moment when I was in some serious need of website design/set up help! He made creating a new website super easy and took any idea we had into consideration instead of shooting them down. Ben then took those ideas and made them even better than we imagined! He has a highly professional means of doing business, is extremely personable, and easy to talk to! Thank for all your help Ben!
— Krista & JP, Life In Motion Fitness
I sought Ben’s design services to recreate my website. I had originally created my website through without any prior design experience. After Ben took a look at my website, he made some terrific suggestions to me that I wanted to move forward with. He transferred all of my data from the old website on to a better platform and created a design that is mobile friendly. The process of working with Ben went completely smoothly! His recommendations were clear and concise and he was able to finish the entire project within about 2 weeks. During the entire process, he was available to answer any questions and I am very pleased with the finished product. I would absolutely recommend Bear Notch Creative for web design or any other creative projects involving digital marketing.
— Ashley O, Evolve Services
Ben and his team are totally kick-ass. Together they created a website that not only looks amazing, but is also easy to navigate, and integrated with the latest technology. I could not be any happier with the short turn-around time, the overall look and feel of the website, and how easy (and fun) Ben is to work with! If you are a busy professional looking for a design team to get the job done, and done right, then these guys are your guys!
— Lindsay Z, Studio five fitness
The Ipswich & Hamilton Housing Authority hired Ben to build two websites that would provide information about our programs for low income families and seniors. We are very happy with the results and have received many compliments. Ben took great care to present all of the information in a clear and accessible format. The websites look professional while still being easy to navigate. Ben also designed a new logo for each company. I provided Ben with some brief notes on what I would like, and he created a bold and professional logo that we use on letterheads, the website, uniforms and many other mediums. I highly recommend Ben Libby for any of your design needs.
— Kate M, Ipswich Housing Authority
I have known Ben for almost five years. As an artist/entrepreneur, I worked in depth with Ben doing photography, videography, website design, and logo design. Ben was always communicative and timely, meeting my deadlines and working with me on and offline. His work helps me show my work and I constantly have people compliment my website, meaning Ben is doing a great job. We are currently working on a new project in which Ben is filming me, then editing the footage to music to create an artistic video for social media/marketing. When Ben works with a client, their project becomes his project, and that ownership leads to professional and exceptional work. I look forward to my continued partnership with Ben.
— ryan k
We have been working with Ben since 2015. From the onset his creativity impressed us. We really offered very little guidance when we started thinking about our marketing and look. Ben immediately took the lead and presented a succinct, clean, and thoughtful web presence.
— Splitrock Estate Management
Ben is a passionate professional graphic artist, which creativity and attention to detail make a reliable service provider of him. During my long career as a professional visual designer, I rarely have come across real talents who stand out like Ben. By continuously applying vast critical thinking behind all his productions, Ben has delivered aesthetically pleasing and purposeful designs. I highly recommend his professional services; undoubtedly your business is in great hands.
— Polin J, Visual Designer
Ben is highly skilled in the area of Graphic Design, UX and UI design. He is very smart, is an excellent problem solver, and can adjust to anything you challenge him with with ease. He has impeccable collaboration and communication skills. I am able to say this even when I only worked with him for a couple months on Salt & Sand magazine. He is a tremendous person to work with!
— Rick F, raytheon
Ben did an incredible job on an strategically important and highly visible infographic for the CIO. Not only was the finished product polished, beautiful, and well-done, it also effectively conveyed the message we wanted to share. He went above and beyond on the project, working long hours under a very tight deadline, all while maintaining a positive attitude. Throughout the assignment he was a great communicator, shared good feedback, and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I recommend working with Ben if you get the chance!
— Robyn B, Bentley University
I found Ben to a be a very reliable, talented, like-able and punctual digital media specialist. I called on him numerous times to produce time sensitive Illustrator and Photoshop work and it always came back exactly as requested ahead of time. Ben has a keen eye for detail and sets high standards for himself. I know if Ben does a job for me I can simply rely on it. I know he’ll factor in all the considerations of the media his graphics will be displayed short his passion for his work is palpable. I particularly enjoyed his enthusiasm and willingness to explore technology like 360 cams and related software. He likes to stay up to speed, likes to volunteer his skills and good nature and he is also an effective easily managed team player. I recommend Ben to a company requiring drive, motivation, relevant technical ability and strong interpersonal team skills.
— Howard C, Bentley University
Ben is a talented visual communicator and experience designer, the level of detail he displays is an uncanny gift. I’ve gotten the chance to see how his mind works and what he can create from an idea—bringing it to fruition. His interpersonal skills are off the charts also, a very cool person to hang around.
— Shakeam C, BloomBoard
Ben was amazing at listening to the desired concept and was able to ask more clarifying questions to uncover my true desire of my project. Ben was great at helping me see the value of his design work and how it would impact my business. Great professionalism and all around a great experience working with Ben. Highly recommend anyone looking for a great designer to look no further.
— Jimmy G, Verizon Wireless
Having worked with Ben on several projects, I’ve always been impressed by the talent and work ethic he brings to the table. Ben is a very collaborative individual that works well with others, and I recommend him for anything that needs a creative touch.
— Derrick B, House in Motion
Ben is extremely ambitious, organized, focused and personable. He gave me guidelines for his magazine and we were able to come up with advertising strategies, his collaboration within a team environment or one on one is superior. I loved all of his creative work and would highly recommend him for any design, publication or agency setting.
— Anonymous, Raytheon
Ben is the most talented and experienced designer that I have ever met in my career. He has the right sense of ownership and product/service awareness to drive real operations in market. He is a detail-oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective. Ben knows how to lead his team, gain respect and trust of the partners. He is impressive by his in-depth knowledge, operational experience, pragmatism and analytic skills. I highly recommend Ben for any Management position in ICT, Technology, and design, he will make the difference, for sure!
— Faycal B, ooredoo
Ben is a very talented and ambitious entrepreneur, he believes in what he does and knows exactly where he is heading, although very serious and highly professional, he is still very friendly, funny and helpful. I recommend Benjamin for all the qualities i mentioned above and those you will have the chance to discover by yourself, as i will need a novel to put them all.
— Tayeb C, Qanawat FZ LLC
Ben is one of the most dedicated people I know, he is hardworking but also has the capability to listen to others. I have the pleasure to work with Ben and I have learned so much, he knows how to make people give the best of themselves. As an artist it has helped me grow and learn that i can do new things. He is a great leader and colleague and I know wherever he might end up he will become a valuable asset.
— Kine A, Mint Media
Ben’s energy, tenacity and creativity is second to non. He is positive and a constant professional. He is a modern wizard when it comes to work ethics. This is no exaggeration. He turns a negative to a positive like magic! Any company that would want to work with him I say is very fortunate. You can’t get a better harder worker than him. This you can’t buy with money!
— Vinh M, Product Designer