When we build websites,
it’s not just drag-and-drop.



The very first step is to establish a client’s brand identity; without that, you’d have a plain website without brand identity.
FYI: we are not responsible for s5’s brand identity.


Color Scheme

Next stop, color schemes. Colors are important in differentiating certain elements within the website.
It also helps if all colors are taken from the company’s brand guideline.


Lo-Fi Wireframing

Lo-Fi Wireframing assists the UX team in developing a simple and effective layout hierarchy of sections. Generally designed as a black and white think tank sitemap.


Hi-Fi Wireframing

High-Fidelity Wireframing includes a majority of selected images, typeface, UI elements, and may contain even more detailed information such as image dimensions. Consider the Lo-Fi Wireframe a skeleton, and the Hi-Fi Wireframe the muscles, skin, and aesthetic beauty.


User Experience

When we build websites, we absolutely make sure that the overall experience is a positive and pleasant one. There’s nothing worse than losing a new or existing visitor over a non-functioning button, scalable window, or inaccessible contact form.


Ready for the Big Screen

Although viewing websites on desktops is in decline, we still make sure each and every website is web responsive, which means cross-compatibility and optimization on all devices. Grandma Barb at 94, still uses a desktop computer.


Portable Builds

As we progress further into the trenches of technology, we discover more screen sizes than ever. Did you know the standard screen size is still 1920x1080p? No matter how small or high the resolution of your screen, we constantly test our websites to achieve as much compatibility between resolutions as possible.


Tablet Optimized

As more people purchase tablet devices, websites need to be on par with device compatibility. No one needs the hassle of viewing a website on desktop and then not having it work on a smaller form factor.


Mobile Responsive

Viewing a website from desktop to mobile is a big leap. Have you ever noticed some websites don’t properly scale - 57% of users won’t recommend your business if your website has a poorly designed mobile site.


All-In-One Responsiveness

Lastly, our websites are built from A to Z with multi-device compatibility in mind, so visitors will have a pleasant experience across all their favorite devices.